Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Magdalena Practitioner Program?

Now through March 7, all are invited to apply for the 2018 Magdalena Practitioner Program. The program will commence in late March 2018 and run through either December 2018 or March 2019 (student choice). A $500 deposit is due with your application form. When we receive this deposit and completed form, your application process is complete.

Are there any requirements for eligibility?

Currently, there are no eligibility requirements to apply for this program. 

Do I need to be a healing professional to participate in this program?

The Magdalena Practitioner Program is appropriate for anyone in any profession who wishes to serve the world in the mission for global enlightenment.

Sai Maa has stated that everyone is a healer. This program focuses on personal transformation and energy healing techniques needed to embody and share Magdalena healing energy. Protocols for sharing this energy will be taught as table work in a typical energy healing setting. Note: Any student in this program who works with the Magdalena healing energy in a committed way can become able to transmit this energy through presence and intention, i.e. coaches, therapists, doctors, etc.

How long is this program?

This is a year-long program divided into four modules. Modules 1 through 3 consist of coursework, and include an Initiation. Module 4 consists of the practicum portion and runs for three or six months, allowing students to complete the practice Magdalena Energy Sessions in the last module.

Will Sai Maa be offering the Magdalena Energy Initiation in person?

Yes, Sai Maa is scheduled to personally initiate the 2018-2019 first-year students who have met the necessary program requirements and are deemed ready by Sai Maa to receive the Magdalena Energy Initiation. The Initiation will occur during the Birthday Celebration Weekend in New York City from August 3-5, 2018.

Am I guaranteed to receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation?

The Magdalena Practitioner Program team is committed to creating a context of safety, love, and support throughout the program. Because this energy is potent, adequate preparation to receive the Initiation is a must, and the team’s focus will be to support each student in facing and transforming anything that could hinder readiness. Along with this support, participants will receive direct input from a facilitated small discussion group throughout the program to ensure they understand and integrate the work of the course.

Students in the program bear responsibility for full preparation to receive the Initiation. Your investment of time and energy into the course through daily practice, engagement with your mentor and other participants, participation in webinars, and ongoing study will likely be the most important factors in determining your readiness to receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation.

Sai Maa will determine who is ready to receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation. For all involved, including those who receive certification, the work of this program does not end with initiation or at the end of the practicum period. Until enlightenment, each of us must continue transforming patterns that no longer serve us and developing skill as a healer. To this end, anyone can continue self-development through this program, and additional training and support will be available for those who would like to deepen their participation. Long-term certification will also involve ongoing training and development for renewal.

What does the Magdalena Practitioner Program cost?

The tuition for participating in this program is $3,500.

What does my tuition include?

Tuition includes three in-person workshops, monthly webinars and satsang gatherings, the Initiation, and monthly support.

Program tuition does not include travel, food, or lodging costs for any in-person events; tuition, travel, food, or lodging costs for the Initiation; toll charges for conference calls; or any additional reading materials.

Are translation services provided?

Translation is provided in French for program content as much as possible, including webinars, materials, in-person events, and calls.

What happens if I can’t complete the program?

We strongly encourage you to review carefully the requirements of this program before you apply. If you are not able to complete the program and choose to leave, it will not be possible to grant certification. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What does Magdalena Energy Practitioner certification provide?

Students who complete all coursework requirements, receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation, and then complete the Module 4 practicum will become certified Magdalena Energy Practitioners who may then offer Magdalena Energy Sessions to the general public for a fee. Certified practitioners can market themselves as such, provided certification remains current.

What are the requirements for completion and certification?

Participants who wish to receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation must complete all coursework and in-person requirements for Modules 1 and 2.

Participants must attend all webinars. While students do not need to attend each webinar live, they may be asked to complete a questionnaire for each one to demonstrate virtual attendance and understanding of the material presented. Additional recommended reading will accompany the program.

Only students that receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation will be eligible to continue to Modules 3 and 4 for certification.

The Module 4 practicum period consists of offering a minimum of 25 Magdalena Energy Sessions at no cost and submitting summaries of each session. The sessions must be completed within three or six months.

Once certified, periodic re-certification requirements must be met to continue to maintain active certification, including items such as online refresher coursework.

Upon certification, will I be qualified to teach this material?

Certified practitioners will be able to offer Magdalena Energy Sessions for a fee, but will not be certified to teach this work. Future courses will offer the opportunity to train as a Magdalena Healing Teacher, and you must complete and maintain basic certification in order to be eligible to apply for this advanced training.

Will I have one-on-one time with Sai Maa?

Sai Maa will actively focus on the energy grid of the program throughout the year, pouring specific Shakti into this work and its students to support each student in becoming a strong, clear conduit for Magdalena healing energy.