First, a few items of business.

  • Watch our brief introduction video. (Less than 5 minutes.)
  • Be sure to “whitelist” our email address: so that you receive all program information.
    • If you use Gmail, you may need to drag and drop an email from us out of the Promotions tab and into your primary Inbox.
  • After the first two months, each month’s content remains available until the following month's content posts.
  • New content becomes available on the first Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. EST (USA).

Make the most of your experience

  • Each month, a specific Divine quality is being powerfully activated in the energetic field of this program by a master healer and energy worker, Sai Maa.
    • The more you engage with the materials provided, the more powerfully you will activate each Divine quality within yourself.
  • Download and print the journal for each month BEFORE you watch the month's program.
    • Use the journal to take notes during the program.
    • Use the journal throughout the month to deepen and activate the month’s Divine quality in yourself.
    • Consider leaving your journal beside your bed or another key place where you can regularly reflect on the key teachings and questions.
  • Use the included audio meditation as often as possible throughout the month.
    • Playing as you fall asleep at night is an excellent way to activate its energy while you sleep.
  • Join our Facebook group to share your experiences.