Mary of Magdala for Magdalene Healing

The frequency of the healer must be higher than the client or you will incur karma. You have a consistent responsibility to maintain high energy. ~ Sai Maa

Are you perceiving your body as the divine vehicle that it is?

Acknowledge your body as a divine vehicle capable of raising your frequencies to hold and transmit the Magdalena frequencies.

At the Module 3 weekend you learned about becoming a Magdalena Energy Practitioner.  You saw the traps of a healer, learned the role of a healer, and practiced the Magdalena Protocol.  Below you will find tools and resources from your weekend that you can use to continue with the work.

Slides from the Module 3 weekend

Daily Sadhana

20 Minutes of Sadhana

● Mary Magdalena/Gaia Meditation

● Practice "The Invitation”


Practice with Energy - hug a tree!
Inquiry Questions - What must I be free of and what must I embody to stand before Sai Maa in December?
Notice ego traps - Martyr, Rescuer, Holy Healer.

Look at yourself in the mirror with Magdalena eyes