Mary of Magdala for Magdalene Healing

“Have the conviction that you are this Love, this truth, and have faith in this truth in you, in yourself. Cultivate this faith. Allow this faith to transform you, to transmute doubts that are in the personality.” ~ H.H. Sai Maa

“An experience of life without faith and without love is full of separateness and thus full of pain” ~H.H. Sai Maa

In what do I put my faith?

At the Module 2 weekend you dove deep into Faith, Discipline, and Devotion.  Below you will find tools and resources from your weekend that you can use to continue with the work.

Slides from the Module 2 weekend

Daily Sadhana

● Illuminate six lower chakras and subtle bodies
● Practice “ha” breath
● Activate six higher chakras (7-12)
● Activate crystalline light body
● Inquiry Question: What must I embody?
● Practice "The Invitation”

French version of the Invitation: