What stands between you and Life, Love, Maa, Mary Magdalena?

What is my Magdalena Why?

What must I be free of to stand in front of Sai Maa to receive the Magdalena Initiation?

At the Module 1 On-Site weekend you dove deep into these inquiries and looked at the energies that keep you from embodying the energy of Mary Magdalena.  Below you will find tools and resources from your weekend that you can use to continue with the work.

Slides from the Module 1 On-Site weekend

Daily Sadhana

20 minutes each day
● 3 OMs
● Brain Illumination

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● Repeat I AM ____ sequence

Review the I AM sequence here.

● Add breath work (3 rounds)

Review the breath work practice here.

The Invitation

Click here to download a printable version of the Sadhana requirements.  You can print this out to keep handy or you can download it to your phone and use the link to access the Invitation.  Remember you can also download the Invitation.

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