Masters like Mary Magdalena and her beloved Jesus healed the blind, made the lame to walk, and even raised the dead.

Yet Master Jesus taught: Even greater things shall ye do.

Behind the profound healing powers of the Masters lay some simple yet essential teachings on how healing happens.

Now is the time to discover the true path of healing.

  • Discover the true cause of disease

    ... so that you can transform it, in a lasting way.

  • Understand the Hidden Purpose of Healing

    ... beyond the details of symptoms and diagnosis.

  • Anchor your divine blueprint

    ... with a simple practice you can easily use every day.

A Sneak Peek:
Disease is a doorway

Dr. Adam Rizvi shares a unique perspective on how to understand dis-ease.

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Program Testimonials

"The lessons I learned from this workshop literally changed the way I see my health, my recovery, and my life."

~Toni T.

"I’ve been to a lot of programs; I’m not new to this kind of work. Yet this one brought everything together for me in such an authentic, beautiful way. Mary’s and Dr. Adam’s teachings are so user friendly, so relatable, so applicable. I want to know when the next one is so I can bring more people. I highly recommend it."

~Carla S.

"I have heard hundreds of times, ‘All disease is the result of my belief that I am separate from Source.’ My personal healing happened this past weekend when Dr. Adam explained this concept in a way that only he can. I GOT IT in my heart and in my gut! It is no longer just words to me."

~Maureen S.

Program Facilitators

Mary Sise

An international speaker, teacher, counselor, and author, Mary Sise, LCSW, DCEP, has more than 40 years of clinical experience working with thousands of clients. In her practice and teaching, Mary focuses on how traumatic or overwhelming life experiences can cause spiritual disconnection or soul loss, resulting in dis-ease on a mental, emotional, or physical level. Her passion for truth led her to Sai Maa in 2001. Since then, Mary has served as the Director of the Sai Maa Transformational Healers Program, the Healers Internship, and currently the Magdalena Healing Program. Known for her capacity to make complex concepts easy to understand, her teaching style is refreshingly human.

Dr. Adam Rizvi, M.D.

Dr. Adam Rizvi

A Neurologist specializing in Critical Care, Dr. Adam Rizvi serves those with critical and life-threatening conditions. Since meeting Sai Maa in 2005, he has dedicated his life to global enlightenment. As a physician, Dr. Rizvi is also devoted to helping us remember what it is to be whole and know that we are innately perfect, as this redefines our health and healing. A gifted and highly respected teacher, he travels throughout North America, Europe, and Asia offering programs with a unique blend of spirituality and science. In 2013, he was named as Sai Maa’s Successor for Sai Maa in the East.

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