Artwork by Brother Robert Lentz
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Beloved as one of the most devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalena has held the blessing of divine love she knew with Master Jesus, waiting for the time when the sacred feminine could emerge once again in our global civilization. That time is now.

As an embodiment of the divine feminine, Mary Magdalena’s presence and healing power expand beyond our comprehension. In 2016, Pope Francis elevated the memorial day assigned to Saint Mary Magdalena to a feast day on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, a designation reserved only for saints of particular significance, such as the Apostles. Mary Magdalena has also been described as “the Apostle to the Apostles,” a mantle created by Saint Thomas Aquinas.

With great compassion for humanity’s suffering that is caused by an imbalance between masculine and feminine energies, Her Holiness Sai Maa—a living embodiment of the divine feminine—is bringing the healing energy of Mary Magdalena to humanity.

Through the recently created Magdalena Practitioner Program, Sai Maa is offering the unprecedented opportunity to work directly with these energies. You are invited to take the sacred opportunity to co-create with Sai Maa a living legacy for lifetimes beyond our own. The light of beloved Mary Magdalena will encircle the globe through the practitioners that emerge from this program. We can only begin to imagine the blessings of sharing these frequencies with the world.