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Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

For centuries, Mary Magdalena has held the blessing of Divine Love she knew with Master Jesus, waiting for the time when the Sacred Feminine could emerge once again.

That time is now.

With great compassion for humanity’s suffering caused by an imbalance between masculine and feminine energies, Her Holiness Sai Maa is bringing the Magdalena Healing Energy to Earth. Through the new Magdalena Practitioner Program, Sai Maa now offers the unprecedented opportunity to work directly with the frequencies of Magdalena Healing Energy

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Heal Yourself, Serve the World

Awaken the Magdalena within.

The Practitioner Program welcomes those ready to embrace the responsibility and power of embodying Magdalena Healing Energy. Every aspect of your being will be carefully prepared to be a clear vessel for these frequencies to enter the world.

Women and men alike will benefit from working with Magdalena Healing Energy. Sai Maa has said “we are all healers,” therefore anyone committed to sharing these frequencies in service to others is invited to apply for the Practitioner Program.

More than ever, humanity needs

the leadership of those with balanced masculine and feminine energies,

willing to step forward and serve.

Deepen Your Connection 

with a Living Master

Magdalena Healing Energy has never before been widely available. Sai Maa’s commitment to bring Magdalena Healing Energy to the planet at this crucial time means that you will be immersed in the daily attention and grace of a living Master through the program energy grid. In return, this pioneering program offers you a unique opportunity to co-create with Sai Maa a living legacy for lifetimes beyond our own.

After one year of intensive education, training, and practice, you will be ready to receive a powerful initiation by Sai Maa into Magdalena Healing Energy. The final three- to six months will be your time to complete the practicum portion of the program.

Module 4: Practicum

January - June 2018

Module 1

March - June 2017

Practitioner Program Curriculum

  • Three-day, in-person workshop examining how patterns, beliefs, and behaviors shape and limit life experience along with key principles of the role of a healer as taught by Sai Maa
  • Instruction of meditation, practices, and other tools to increase awareness and responsibility for transforming patterns that no longer serve you
  • Study and discussion of assigned reading materials
  • Assignment of personal mentor

Ongoing Features of the Program

  • Three-day, in-person training focused on learning Magdalena Session protocols, energy healing principles and techniques, and opportunities for practice
  • Online mini-course in ethics including the care of clients, scope of practice laws, and liability laws
  • Deepening of daily practice and personal transformational work

Module 2

July - September 2017

  • Three-day, in-person, small-group Advanced Patterns Program with potent “on the carpet” work to identify and release energetic, belief, and behavior patterns
  • Deepening of daily practice and personal transformational work
  • Training introduction for various modalities of Magdalena Healing Energy
  • 25 Magdalena Sessions offered at no cost to clients under the guidance of program faculty and mentor
  • Sessions completed in either 3 or 6 months
  • Seven educational webinars to expand and reinforce information presented at in-person events
  • Community satsang conference calls and other opportunities to share and strengthen the program grid
  • Facilitated mini-satsang groups to support students in integrating the work

Module 3

October - December 2017

Program students deemed ready by Sai Maa will receive the Magdalena Healing Initiation directly from Sai Maa during a special ceremony at the global community gathering.

Magdalena Healing Initiation 

with Sai Maa

December 2017

Upon completion of the program requirements, and Sai Maa’s blessing and initiation, you will be certified as a Magdalena Practitioner. You will be able to develop a paid private practice offering Magdalena Sessions to the general public. Protocols will be taught to share Magdalena Healing Energy in a variety of settings, including, for example, traditional table work as well as in a therapeutic or coaching setting.

Mary Magdalena was a member of the Essenes, a community of souls dedicated to anchoring the Light of Spirit on earth. In this tradition, the Practitioner Program will build a vibrant community through calls and other opportunities to gather and share. Active participation among students, mentors, and teachers will be an essential part of magnifying the potential power of this program. As Master Jesus has said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them also.”

Your Community Awaits

Serve the World Abundantly

As a doctor or teacher, counselor or accountant—whatever your life’s calling may be—you can radiate Magdalena Healing Energy to others around you. A simple intention, loving touch, tender glance, or kind word will transmit the potent grace and power of Mary Magdalena. 

Magdalena Healing Energy carries the power to transform every aspect of your being. Old paradigms are dissolving rapidly, it is imperative that we align with our purpose. 

You came here to embody and express joy and love. 

With the guidance, grace, and Shakti of Sai Maa, awaken the Magdalena within you and serve humanity in the mission of global enlightenment. 

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